Dr. Ivandro Soares Monteiro, PhD

I’m a Clinical Psychologist, practicing in private practice, founder and director of EME Health Company and University Professor (ICBAS – Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar, PT).


+23.000 Sessions

More than 23.000 individual sessions in personal or online.


EME Health Company

Founder and director of EME Health Company in Portugal.


University Professor

Since 2001, ICBAS (Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar, PT)

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I speak and write fluent English (with good accent).


Ivandro Soares Monteiro

  • I have a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology from the University of Minho (Portugal), a Certificate of Achievemente (University of Memphis, USA), a Master’s Degree in Cognitive Sciences from the University of Minho and licensure degree in Clinical Psychology (Ismai).
  • I work as an external rater/ clinician for an american company for pharmacological studies.
  • I’m an interpersonal psychotherapist certified by the International Society for Interpersonal Psychotherapy, and I’m the fouder of the Portuguese Interpersonal Psychotherapy Academy.
  • I’m a university professor and spent 12 years as professor in a private university (Ismai, Maia, Portugal).
  • My area of expertise is emotions vulnerability, emotional intelligence, time and stress management.
  • I’m also a certified speaker for courses and workshops (by the Institute of Quality and Formation of Portugal) and a behavior consultant (eg. stress management, emotional intelligence, etc.).
  • I made several specialization courses in the emotion and behavioral area, as well an intensive course of epidemiology and statistical analysis at the Faculty of Medicine of University of Porto.
  • I did some research work with some colleagues from the University of Memphis and Marquette University (because of my PhD research).
  • I’m a member of the American Psychological Association – APA, of the Order of Portuguese Psychologists and of the National Association of Young Enterpreneurs.
  • I’m the founder and manager of ORASI (www.orasi.pt), a company dedicated to promote consultancy and intensive courses with the best speakers we can get, worldwide.
  • My speciality are the emotions and how they help us find our own path. My specialization area over the past 10 years has been the area of emotions, with focus on emotional disorders, within a developmental, interpersonal and with a neuroscience approach. Consequently, my interests have expanded to emotional intelligence and its importance for the personal and professional success.
  • I usually give lectures, workshops and training courses for various professionals, students, businessmen, among others.
  • COURSES/ WORKSHOP SUGGESTIONS: Emotional Intelligence; Time Management; Stress Management; Leadership; Motivation; Public Speaking Skills; Neuro-linguistic Programming; Marketing for Health Professionals, among others.
  • I frequently go to San Paulo and Santos (Brasil – I adore it) and I travel for business and leisure every year: I’ve been in USA (Memphis, New Orleans, Hawaii/Kauai, Salt Lake City), Brazil (Santos, Guarujá, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Ilhabela), Holland (Haag), Spain (Salamanca, Vigo, Coruña, Barcelona, Cádiz, Mallorca Island), Italy (Venice, Treviso), France (Paris), England (London, Leicester), China (Hong Kong, Macau), Jamaica (Negril), Cape Verde (Salt Island), Thailand (Bangkok, Ko Samui), Portugal (all the country and Azores Island) and planning many more.
  • I speak and write fluent English (with good accent), Portuguese and I speak spanish too (which allows me to be a speaker worlwide (where english and spanish are understood such as Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Dominican Repulic, etc.) and in the Community of Portuguese Language Countries – Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome e Principe, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Mauritius and Senegal).
  • I’ve done some work about my PhD Research with several american colleagues (Dr. Robert Neimeyer from Univ. Memphis; Dr. Timothy Melchert from Marquette Univ.; Dr. Scott Stuart from University of Iowa, Ayse Ciftçi from Purdue Univ.) and participated in several congresses and events in USA and Europe.
  • My audiences and students truly appreciate my speeches and I’m very easy-going, sense of humor and enthusiastic in my oral presentations.
  • I am available to participate as a keynote in any conference, lecture, course or workshop, worldwide in my area of interests (Emotional Inteligence, Time Management, Stress Management, Leadership, Motivation, among others
  • I’m available for Online Psychotherapy, consultancy, courses or as a speaker worldwide (in english, portuguese or spanish). If you are interested, contact me (ismonteiro@gmail.com) or go to my webpage Orador/Speaker/Lecturer section.
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